Juventus vs FC Barcelona Highlights & Full Match


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Juventus vs FC Barcelona Highlights & Full Match
Competition: Champions League 2016/2017 – Quarterfinal
Date: 11 Apr 2017
Venue:Juventus Arena
Referee: Szymon Marciniak

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Final score
Juventus vs FC Barcelona Highlights & Full Match


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  1. Man, your site gets worse and worse all the time. Used to be my first choice for highlights, but it’s so clogged up with video ads and pop-ups that half the time the videos don’t play anymore. Shame. I used to enjoy coming here so much.

    • So sorry, the site needs money to stay, previously I had google adsense but i was pissed off.
      But I will try to reduce its appearance in the future

      • Thanks for replying. I understand about the need for adverts – I just get so frustrated sometimes when they mess things up. The worst is when video adverts start playing somewhere else on the page while your watching the game and sometimes you can’t even find the advert to pause it.
        I still appreciate all the work you do on this. You have a better mix of highlights and full matches than the other sites I use.

  2. last, you are offering what others aren’t. You offer:
    1. Download.
    2. Multiple quality (including HD 720p).
    3. 30 minutes mini match.
    and more importantly 4. Arabic commentary (I have never seen this anywhere).
    About the Arabic, it is uploaded late sometimes where I have already watched the English one but still YOU are doing a GREAT job.
    Thank you very much.

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